Moving round this crazy town…

It’s become something of a joke over the past few years that Mr O and I can’t stay still.
Since we moved to Edinburgh in 2005 from Stirling, we’ve lived in no less than FIVE different flats. That’s five flats in just over six years (and that’s not including the various moves we had between us whilst at Uni. So in total, between us, in 10 years we’ve lived in TWELVE different places).
It’s not like we love to move flat, it’s just always been the case that each year, when we’ve come to renew our lease(s), something has come up and we’ve had to find somewhere new.
Our first flat was on the Royal Mile. Yep, that’s right – only the most famous street in Edinburgh! It was a horrible, horrible place to live. Grimy, noisy, sometimes scary, strange little flat. To be fair, at the time of signing we were fresh from the streets of Stirling and having had little notice, we needed to find somewhere to live and quick. On the up side it was great fun being smack bang in the middle of the city, especially at Festival time, with street theatre literally on your doorstep and I think looking back it was the perfect place to find our feet. But the cons crept in and after a year of learning the ropes of this fab city, we knew there was somewhere else out there that would better suit us.
Cue a move down to the lovely Stockbridge. Closer to work and a village feel ticked all the boxes for us, as did our lovely flat with its own courtyard and friendly neighbours. We still look back so fondly on it, especially as we got married whilst living there. But our travel plans took form and in 2008 we packed our bags and set off on our dream trip for 6 months, and so giving up the flat.
Since our return, our range of reasons for leaving the various accommodations has ranged from one landlord not paying his mortgage (nothing quite like receiving someone else’s court order hand delivered through your door!) to another deciding to sell up from under us…
Where am I going with this (and where are we going next?!)? Well yesterday we took a trip out east, a nice drive on a rainy day to see the sea at Portobello, Joppa and Musselburgh. A trip with intention, as we can see ourselves finally finding somewhere to stay for longer than 12 months in that part of East Lothian (at least, that’s the idea…) and I thought my new fun-filled camera would like an outing :)

Mr O enjoying the calm sea view at Musselburgh harbour.
To the family and friends whose Christmas cards chase us across this fine city, I do apologise… it can’t be easy trying to find us and I’m sure there are at least five people cursing our names as they see even more post for us fall on to their doormats, our failure to change address information with no doubt numerous people. Let’s hope that someday soon we can give you a more permanent address.
Jen x

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