{Allan & Sarah-Jane} Engagement

What feels like ages ago I posted a sneak peek from Allan and Sarah-Jane’s engagement shoot. I know I go on a lot about not having enough time in the day and how fast the weeks go, but I guess the good side to this is that here we are in December and I can finally post a new blog about this fab couple and their warm autumnal photos.

I wish I could take credit for all of the beautiful details that appear in these photos, but Sarah-Jane had the most amazing ideas! She’s a detail star! Allan and Sarah-Jane had loads of wonderful props ready for photos that reflect their style and love, and their fun nature so I was delighted we were able to use so many of them in the photos.

Scottish weather being what it is, we actually had two different shoots a few days apart – the first was in Allan and Sarah-Jane’s home town of Stirling. And it rained. And rained. And rained. And did it stop us? Nope! Bring it. Sarah-Jane’s strongest vision (and the one I was most excited about!) was to have a picnic in the park with vintage china, cupcakes and a blanket, which unfortunately wasn’t going to happen in Stirling that day. And it didn’t happen on the alternative day we’d planned either. Thankfully, Allan and Sarah-Jane were happy to pop through to Edinburgh on a (kind of) drier day and we managed to get the shots! Phew!

At long last I’m delighted to post all my favourites! Allan and Sj – it was so much fun spending time with you guys and taking these photographs, so pleased you love them!

I’d also like to thank the lovely Kelly at Boho Weddings and Events for spotting my sneak peek and featuring the photos on her blog!




  • Colene - Love love love these Jen! Feel like I’d get on well with this two!


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