{I’m leaving Facebook…} No, not really! A personal blog post…


Ah Facebook…

I love Facebook, I really do. I’ve had the occasional love/hate thing going on with it. I know most people get this – those days when you can’t stop visiting the site, despite having already seen everything that’s going on that day in your friends’ lives. Then there’s the days when I realise I haven’t posted anything for ages and I feel a little guilty – like I’m just taking and not giving anything back to the community! But then who would care about my daily edits, emails and tea-drinking?

I know a few people who have LEFT Facebook. Yes! Left it! Gone. No more. Nothing. How they have the strength, well, I’m impressed. Mr O is one of those people, although I see the longing in his eyes when he spies my Facebook page open on the computer…

When I first joined Facebook it was before Jen Owens Images was born. I had my personal profile and that was it and it ticked along just nicely thankyouverymuch. When I set up JOI the option at the time was to create a Fan page. So I did. But this was before the weddings, the engagements – the lovely shoots I like to post about. (It was for my photo collages and greetings cards, if you’re wondering!)

Later, around the time I started to post weddings and engagements, I sought advice online about Facebook as a marketing and business tool and the general consensus, in a nutshell, was: ‘Keep your personal page separate from your business’. I was a little unsure about this. After all, Jen Owens Images is, well, me. Jen Owens. Did I really want to separate the two when I’m just one person?! When I began posting my weddings on Facebook there wasn’t the option to tag my brides and grooms in any albums or photos I posted in the fan page – not at all marketing-friendly! The only way to do this would be to be-friend my lovely couples, then tag them in the albums. So I decided to announce I would be winding down my Fan page, I then set up a new profile for me, but for use solely for my photography.

But then no one would be moved to ‘Like’ my fan page. Sure, they could be-friend me, but why would they if they didn’t know me? And so the marketing-side of Facebook, for me at least, didn’t work. Anyone who has ever set up a small business will know that getting your name out there is the hardest thing to do. As much as I was loving shooting the weddings and meeting new people, I was struggling to find the best way to tell other people about my work. What a pickle!

Of course in the past year or so Facebook have totally overhauled their privacy settings, who can be tagged, who can be seen etc. etc. While I don’t entirely agree with it, it does now mean that a fan page administrator has much more control over the options to market the page. Too late for me! I’ve ended up with a personal profile, a fan page and ANOTHER personal profile.

You see, I should have trusted my instinct right from the start… My JOI personal profile is pretty much all I use. I’m friends with all my friends, friends with all my lovely brides and grooms and friends with the fellow wedding industry peeps I’ve met so far in this amazing wedding world.

So, for that reason, I’m leaving my original Facebook profile behind. I should never have separated the two, especially when I’ve found through working in this fab industry, all I’m doing is making new friends. If you get a friend request from someone who looks uncannily like me – it is me! I’d love to keep in touch – see you on the other side :)

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