{Kodak Duaflex II} An afternoon at the beach…

A couple of years ago I had a bit of an eBay shopping spree and purchased a box full of decades-old film cameras, about eight in total and all from around the late 1940s to 1960s. I still have them all and even though most don’t work, they’re fascinating to look at.

Included amongst them was a Kodak Duaflex II, which was the main reason behind the purchase. At the time I’d been reading about TtV (Through the Viewfinder) photography whereby you do just that – take a photo with a digital camera, through the viewfinder of a film one. The KDII was the best one for the job. This was about 2 weeks before I discovered the Hipstamatic app for iPhone, which pretty much created the exact look I was going for… but surely it’s much more fun to do it the original/hard way?!

After a fairly successful (well, I think so!) attempt at TtV, I decided to actually get a FILM and put it in my FILM camera, without the use of my digital one to take the photos.

Cue some more research… (Sorry for the camera chat here! Bear with me…) The KDII takes good old square 620 film which, while possible to find, isn’t readily available very easily. I decided to, again, do it the hard way and found a fab tutorial online on how to convert 120 square film to fit a camera made for 620 by re-spooling it. Essentially the only difference between the two films is the size of the spools that they are wound onto. So, on a quiet moment on Christmas Day (of all days!) I shut all the window shutters, turned off all the lights, sat myself in a cupboard with the doors shut and then once convinced there was no light possibly creeping in, I de-spooled the 120 film. SCARY! I couldn’t see a single thing. Desperately trying not to drop the film, I somehow managed to re-spool the 120 film onto a 620 spool. Success!

Of course there’s still that fear that light has leaked in somehow, and in fact judging by the photos below this is definitely the case, but for a first attempt it could have gone worse…

A Christmas Day walk to the beach and here’s the results! Not all of them, a few were beyond awful – mainly due to my forgetting to wind on the film between each shot. There’s also no control over shutter speed or aperture, so I kind of just went for it! Still, good fun! And the last one is me – thank you Mr O for that one x



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  • Iain Kendall - What a great story, and what a gorgeous camera. I’m sure you were fine with the cupboard and it is more than likely the camera letting light in but it just adds character.

    The Hipstamatic app is fun but it never competes with this.

    I hope you’ll shoot more.ReplyCancel

  • athewa - Hey! I have inherited my granfather’s Duaflex ii. I adapted the camera thanks to a tutorial on youtube. Still have not taken any picture. I have used an iso 100 film… which I understand is ok, but as an expert what do you think?… did you use iso 400 film??


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