{Film shots} A personal post

My dad’s old film Fujica SLR has seen better days. But then it is 30 years old. And I may also have accidentally lost the focus grip, letting in a bit more light than should really be acceptable…

Despite this, though, I love the photos it produces. I’m a digital girl really, but find the SLR is never without film in it – just in case I get a day to head out and take some shots. The photos below are from such a day and while I can’t exactly remember when – I think it could be a walk Mr O and I took on Christmas Day 2011 – it all adds to the charm. That feeling of not knowing how the picture has come out and having to WAIT for the prints to come back…

An embarrassing moment that caught me off-guard: I remember taking a shot and automatically looked at the back of the camera for a split second before realising which camera it was I had in my hand. Patience, Jen, patience!

I know it needs fixing. I know there’s evidence of alsorts of unwanted light that creeps into the edges. The black lines, the white spots, the uneven exposures… I still love it. I love the grain, the colour and the atmosphere the film creates.

Portobello Beach on (I think) Christmas Day 2011:




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