{Octobergram} My month in pictures

My phone’s been getting a little full… I never look back over my pictures, so having cleared it out this morning in an attempt to make it run faster, it was amazing to see just how many memories are in there already, even just from the past few months (since the last time it had a clear out).

I also happen to be a big fan of Instagram. Their new profiles are making it easier to look back over Instagram histories, but I thought it would be fun to pop them into the blog as well!


Mr O and I turned 30 in May. My present to him? Tickets to see Radiohead in Manchester – something we never thought we’d have the chance to do. This year marked their first tour in 4 years… we’d almost given up hope! Seeing his face on the morning of his birthday as it sunk in – priceless. This is a pic I snapped of the guy in front of us…


We move flat in a week and a bit – surely much more of that to come in my future Novembergram, but it means we’re officially Portobello locals. What does it mean? Endless views like this:

Quick pic of Mr O from our 5th anniversary beach walk at the end of September from Lightroom on my desktop (OK, OK, I know it’s not an ‘Octobergram’, but I took THIS picture in October… counts, yeah?). If you look closely you can see one of him doing blue steel..

Autumn arrived properly and here’s the proof! I snapped this just after Lyndsay and Steven’s engagement shoot, at Stirling University.

See you for Novembergram!



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