{Mel & Mike} Wedding

My penultimate wedding of the season and it was always going to be a cracker. My first chats with Mel; meeting her and Mike; and the emails that followed, had me impatient for the day to arrive – such was their vision. And it didn’t disappoint.

Aside from the fact they are two of the loveliest, fun and warm people, and that they brought their (equally lovely) family and friends together at Broxmouth Park – the beautiful estate and grounds near Dunbar – the details were beyond amazing. Oh the details! Such a beautiful day, topped off with possibly the best first dance ever, complete with *that* LOVE sign.

Mel and Mike shone all day and it was a total pleasure to be there. Huge thanks to Zoe from Zoe Campbell Photography for second shooting with me. Always so much fun and couldn’t have done it without her, especially with my big baby bump I had at the time! X

Here are a few of my favourites…

Melanie & Mike Wedding-1Melanie & Mike Wedding-6Melanie & Mike Wedding-7Melanie & Mike Wedding-17Melanie & Mike Wedding-20Melanie & Mike Wedding-28Melanie & Mike Wedding-36Melanie & Mike Wedding-40Melanie & Mike Wedding-43Melanie & Mike Wedding-46Melanie & Mike Wedding-51Melanie & Mike Wedding-54Melanie & Mike Wedding-59Melanie & Mike Wedding-63Melanie & Mike Wedding-66Melanie & Mike Wedding-69Melanie & Mike Wedding-73Melanie & Mike Wedding-74Melanie & Mike Wedding-77Melanie & Mike Wedding-80Melanie & Mike Wedding-85Melanie & Mike Wedding-91Melanie & Mike Wedding-100Melanie & Mike Wedding-104Melanie & Mike Wedding-116Melanie & Mike Wedding-122Melanie & Mike Wedding-127Melanie & Mike Wedding-133Melanie & Mike Wedding-139Melanie & Mike Wedding-148Melanie & Mike Wedding-150Melanie & Mike Wedding-154Melanie & Mike Wedding-159Melanie & Mike Wedding-162Melanie & Mike Wedding-165Melanie & Mike Wedding-166Melanie & Mike Wedding-167Melanie & Mike Wedding-168Melanie & Mike Wedding-177Melanie & Mike Wedding-187Melanie & Mike Wedding-190Melanie & Mike Wedding-196Melanie & Mike Wedding-201

Melanie & Mike Wedding-211Melanie & Mike Wedding-212Melanie & Mike Wedding-216Melanie & Mike Wedding-220Melanie & Mike Wedding-226Melanie & Mike Wedding-245Melanie & Mike Wedding-246Melanie & Mike Wedding-252Melanie & Mike Wedding-255Melanie & Mike Wedding-261Melanie & Mike Wedding-274Melanie & Mike Wedding-277Melanie & Mike Wedding-280Melanie & Mike Wedding-282Melanie & Mike Wedding-288Melanie & Mike Wedding-294Melanie & Mike Wedding-307Melanie & Mike Wedding-316Melanie & Mike Wedding-343Melanie & Mike Wedding-358Melanie & Mike Wedding-360Melanie & Mike Wedding-363Melanie & Mike Wedding-364Melanie & Mike Wedding-370Melanie & Mike Wedding-372Melanie & Mike Wedding-378Melanie & Mike Wedding-380Melanie & Mike Wedding-386Melanie & Mike Wedding-390Melanie & Mike Wedding-391Melanie & Mike Wedding-394Melanie & Mike Wedding-397Melanie & Mike Wedding-401Melanie & Mike Wedding-404Melanie & Mike Wedding-407Melanie & Mike Wedding-412Melanie & Mike Wedding-421Melanie & Mike Wedding-432Melanie & Mike Wedding-446Melanie & Mike Wedding-452Melanie & Mike Wedding-455Melanie & Mike Wedding-457-2Melanie & Mike Wedding-461Melanie & Mike Wedding-466-2Melanie & Mike Wedding-482Melanie & Mike Wedding-485Melanie & Mike Wedding-495Melanie & Mike Wedding-501Melanie & Mike Wedding-505Melanie & Mike Wedding-507Melanie & Mike Wedding-509Melanie & Mike Wedding-510Melanie & Mike Wedding-513-2Melanie & Mike Wedding-519Melanie & Mike Wedding-531Melanie & Mike Wedding-542Melanie & Mike Wedding-575Melanie & Mike Wedding-595Melanie & Mike Wedding-598

Venue: Broxmouth Park, Dunbar
Dress: Amanda Wakeley
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Bridesmaid dresses: Handmade
Flower Girls – Wendy Hood
Suits: Peckham Rye
Hair: Darren Hau 
Make-up: Lauren Gollan
Flowers: Linden Flowers
Cake: Falko
Band: Jazz Trio
Extras: Vowed and Amazed for the LOVE letters!

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