{Jess & Si} Wedding

Another favourite from 2013 and my first time shooting at Harburn House was made all the more special thanks to the details and love Jess and Si brought to their wedding. So what if it rained for much of the day? Inside was full of cheer, warmth, happiness, Jess and Si. And we did get out for a wee bit – good to enjoy the late daffodils of May and that amazing breeze that resulted in one of my favourite photos of the year (even if I do say so myself!).

Jess & Si Wedding-307

Jess and Si, many congratulations again. It was such a wonderful day!

Here’s a few of my favourites. A full list of their suppliers is below…

Jess & Si Wedding-1Jess & Si Wedding-3Jess & Si Wedding-8Jess & Si Wedding-20Jess & Si Wedding-26Jess & Si Wedding-30Jess & Si Wedding-36Jess & Si Wedding-41Jess & Si Wedding-45Jess & Si Wedding-51Jess & Si Wedding-57Jess & Si Wedding-62Jess & Si Wedding-66Jess & Si Wedding-73Jess & Si Wedding-80Jess & Si Wedding-87Jess & Si Wedding-88Jess & Si Wedding-95Jess & Si Wedding-99Jess & Si Wedding-107Jess & Si Wedding-110Jess & Si Wedding-114Jess & Si Wedding-117Jess & Si Wedding-118Jess & Si Wedding-130Jess & Si Wedding-131Jess & Si Wedding-136Jess & Si Wedding-145Jess & Si Wedding-148Jess & Si Wedding-154Jess & Si Wedding-156Jess & Si Wedding-159Jess & Si Wedding-165Jess & Si Wedding-166Jess & Si Wedding-169Jess & Si Wedding-171Jess & Si Wedding-173Jess & Si Wedding-175Jess & Si Wedding-181Jess & Si Wedding-188Jess & Si Wedding-194Jess & Si Wedding-199Jess & Si Wedding-206Jess & Si Wedding-208Jess & Si Wedding-210Jess & Si Wedding-212Jess & Si Wedding-215Jess & Si Wedding-226Jess & Si Wedding-228Jess & Si Wedding-233Jess & Si Wedding-246Jess & Si Wedding-251Jess & Si Wedding-272Jess & Si Wedding-273Jess & Si Wedding-277Jess & Si Wedding-290Jess & Si Wedding-292Jess & Si Wedding-298Jess & Si Wedding-306Jess & Si Wedding-307Jess & Si Wedding-308Jess & Si Wedding-310Jess & Si Wedding-312Jess & Si Wedding-315Jess & Si Wedding-316Jess & Si Wedding-317Jess & Si Wedding-323Jess & Si Wedding-334Jess & Si Wedding-338Jess & Si Wedding-342Jess & Si Wedding-361Jess & Si Wedding-372Jess & Si Wedding-378Jess & Si Wedding-398Jess & Si Wedding-404Jess & Si Wedding-408Jess & Si Wedding-415Jess & Si Wedding-418Jess & Si Wedding-424Jess & Si Wedding-425Jess & Si Wedding-433Jess & Si Wedding-439Jess & Si Wedding-451Jess & Si Wedding-472Jess & Si Wedding-477


VenueHarburn House, West Calder
Dress: Designer: Jo Penneycard Tailor: Kavelle Couture, Edinburgh
ShoesHobbs and Jimmy Choo
Accessories: Veil: Kavelle Couture
Bridesmaid dresses: Designed and made by Jo Penneycard
SuitsEde and Ravenscroft, Edinburgh
HairGail Rankin, bespoke wedding hair
Flowers: Flowers by Maxwell, Edinburgh
CakeCuckoo’s Bakery, Edinburgh
BandFavours wedding band
Bunting: Jo Penneycard
French macarons: Jess Penneycard, Woodlands Bakery


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