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JenOwensLogo_Colour_RGB 200I had to write a quick post to shout about my new logo, designed by the brilliant Tom Holmes.

I’ve been wanting a new logo for some time now, but couldn’t really get it off the ground. I sent Tom an email with a bit of information about me, my likes and my aims, and he somehow used his magic mind to make my new logo. He knew before I did that I had to have a swirly font (that he hand drew himself), he threw in my love of the sea, picked some fab colours and finished off with this cracker. I love it!

Cue a big brand revamp across the board, from postcards and business cards to stickers and letterhead. My couples this year will also receive fancy branded USBs instead of discs which will hopefully make life easier for viewing and accessing their photos.

I’d love to know what you think. Thank you Tom!

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Emailable: jenowensimages@gmail.com

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