{Ivana, Tack & Huck} At Portobello Beach

One of those afternoons spent wandering and chatting to the point where it amazes me I took any photos as, to be honest, I could have blethered away to these two for hours! Ivana and Tack were married in Canada and plan to move there permanently, soon. Together with their awesome dog, Huck, who can jump higher than any dog ever before, we took a walk along Porty beach, up through the back streets and along the Prom, taking some photos of a favourite spot, before they head west over the Atlantic for good…

Here are a few of my favourites xx

Ivana, Tack & Huck-104Ivana, Tack & Huck-98Ivana, Tack & Huck-93Ivana, Tack & Huck-89Ivana, Tack & Huck-81Ivana, Tack & Huck-79Ivana, Tack & Huck-77Ivana, Tack & Huck-76Ivana, Tack & Huck-75Ivana, Tack & Huck-68Ivana, Tack & Huck-67Ivana, Tack & Huck-63Ivana, Tack & Huck-62Ivana, Tack & Huck-60Ivana, Tack & Huck-58Ivana, Tack & Huck-55Ivana, Tack & Huck-53Ivana, Tack & Huck-51Ivana, Tack & Huck-50Ivana, Tack & Huck-49Ivana, Tack & Huck-42Ivana, Tack & Huck-40Ivana, Tack & Huck-37Ivana, Tack & Huck-36Ivana, Tack & Huck-35Ivana, Tack & Huck-34Ivana, Tack & Huck-31Ivana, Tack & Huck-30Ivana, Tack & Huck-28Ivana, Tack & Huck-27Ivana, Tack & Huck-24Ivana, Tack & Huck-23Ivana, Tack & Huck-21Ivana, Tack & Huck-19Ivana, Tack & Huck-16Ivana, Tack & Huck-15Ivana, Tack & Huck-13Ivana, Tack & Huck-11Ivana, Tack & Huck-8Ivana, Tack & Huck-6Ivana, Tack & Huck-4Ivana, Tack & Huck-1

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