{Hollie & David} Wedding at The Byre at Inchyra

I’ve been terrible for blogging of late, I know. My excuses are the usual, but genuine – running after the wee one, editing and posting lovely wedding pictures off to my couples, Christmas shopping! I’ll be attempting to post a few of my favourite weddings from this year over the next couple of weeks and I can think of no better place to start than here…

Hollie and David married at The Byre at Inchyra. Before I go any further I need to gush a little bit – this place. Wow. Amazing. Beautiful. Romantic. Hollie and Dave fit right in. Their day was a culmination of creativity, love, imagination and happiness. For me, getting to know Hollie and Dave before the day and hearing about their plans built up even more excitement, not just to photograph such an amazing day, but to see these two celebrate with their loved ones – that was the most important thing for them, that they had a relaxed day, full of smiles and surrounded by their favourite people.

Here are a few of my favourites… (Supplier list below, in case you’d like to see!) xx

Hollie & David Wedding-1Hollie & David Wedding-3Hollie & David Wedding-4Hollie & David Wedding-9Hollie & David Wedding-11Hollie & David Wedding-14Hollie & David Wedding-19Hollie & David Wedding-28Hollie & David Wedding-30Hollie & David Wedding-34Hollie & David Wedding-40Hollie & David Wedding-41Hollie & David Wedding-46Hollie & David Wedding-48Hollie & David Wedding-49Hollie & David Wedding-51Hollie & David Wedding-60Hollie & David Wedding-61Hollie & David Wedding-62Hollie & David Wedding-66Hollie & David Wedding-67Hollie & David Wedding-71Hollie & David Wedding-74Hollie & David Wedding-76Hollie & David Wedding-80Hollie & David Wedding-86Hollie & David Wedding-92Hollie & David Wedding-94Hollie & David Wedding-111Hollie & David Wedding-116Hollie & David Wedding-119Hollie & David Wedding-122Hollie & David Wedding-125Hollie & David Wedding-128Hollie & David Wedding-133Hollie & David Wedding-156Hollie & David Wedding-157Hollie & David Wedding-158Hollie & David Wedding-160Hollie & David Wedding-161Hollie & David Wedding-163Hollie & David Wedding-166Hollie & David Wedding-167Hollie & David Wedding-168Hollie & David Wedding-172Hollie & David Wedding-175Hollie & David Wedding-182Hollie & David Wedding-185Hollie & David Wedding-190Hollie & David Wedding-192Hollie & David Wedding-196Hollie & David Wedding-204Hollie & David Wedding-210Hollie & David Wedding-211Hollie & David Wedding-213Hollie & David Wedding-228Hollie & David Wedding-236Hollie & David Wedding-250Hollie & David Wedding-259Hollie & David Wedding-269Hollie & David Wedding-270Hollie & David Wedding-272Hollie & David Wedding-276Hollie & David Wedding-303Hollie & David Wedding-307Hollie & David Wedding-313Hollie & David Wedding-314Hollie & David Wedding-315Hollie & David Wedding-316Hollie & David Wedding-317Hollie & David Wedding-321Hollie & David Wedding-333Hollie & David Wedding-335Hollie & David Wedding-349Hollie & David Wedding-358Hollie & David Wedding-366Hollie & David Wedding-373Hollie & David Wedding-388Hollie & David Wedding-400Hollie & David Wedding-406Hollie & David Wedding-412Hollie & David Wedding-417Hollie & David Wedding-420Hollie & David Wedding-431Hollie & David Wedding-437Hollie & David Wedding-439Hollie & David Wedding-440Hollie & David Wedding-441Hollie & David Wedding-447Hollie & David Wedding-451Hollie & David Wedding-465Hollie & David Wedding-474Hollie & David Wedding-485Hollie & David Wedding-487

Venue: The Byre at Inchyra, Glencarse
Dress: ‘Onyx’ gown, Catherine Deane from bhldn.com
Shoes: ‘Mimi’ Ivory Satin, Rachel Simpson
Accessories: Accessorize
Bridesmaid Dresses: Warehouse
Kilts: Lovat Green ‘Isle of Skye’ tartan, Slanj Kilts
Hair: Casaid hairdressing Dunfermline
Flowers: A family friend arranged our flowers for us, all ordered from online wholesaler Triangle Nurseries www.trianglenursery.co.uk
Caterer & Cake: Carole Fitzgerald – Lazy Sunday Catering http://letsdoalazysunday.blogspot.co.uk/
Band: The Strides, Music for Scotland

  • Jayne Hardy - There are so many comments to make on this wonderful wedding shoot that I don’t know where to start. Not only is the location one that could be compared with paradise, but the Bride’s dress was absolutely amazing, very circa 1920’s! Loved it. You are so lucky to have been able to take part in this day and you have done your decision to accept it justice by taking these brilliant photographs.ReplyCancel

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